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I took the photos on this site using a variety of cameras, including a Holga, a Kiev 88CM, and a Lubitel 166B. I'm very fond of each of these cameras. Each has it's own particular strengths for certain kinds of photography. The Holga gives me a distorted, Edwardian snapshot look, the Kiev gives a sharp, professional looking medium format shot and the ability to use a Polaroid back and alternate lenses, and the Lubitel is a convenient balance of light weight, reasonable sharpness, and manual controls.

There's a good deal of information about these cameras scattered around the Web, but I'll add my own contribution here. I've made some simple illustrations showing the main controls of the cameras in case you've just bought one and are trying to figure out what all the buttons are. And I give you some links to explore for further information on other sites.

Use the menu, or click below for my pages on these cameras:

Holga - Kiev - Lubitel - Panoraman - Great Wall

For more general information on cameras and photography, here's a great link collection, kindly sent in by a young reader: The Best Photography Resources for Kids and Teens!